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Questions To Ask A Wedding DJ

We play anything from Greek traditional to modern, English 60’s to 2010’s, and cover just about every genre. From the usual Pop from 60’s to 70’s Disco & Funk, 80’s Classics, to 90’s Old School, R&B to Latin and all the latest Dance and Top Charts. Our experience and wide variety of music allows us to customize the music and presentation to fit the occasion!

If you have special requests, please let us know and we will make every effort to accommodate you.

Absolutely! We always offer consultation regarding the music of your wedding ceremony and we do this by arranging to meet you in person for as many times as required. Together we will discuss your music tastes and entertainment, playlists, prepare your entrance, cake and 1st dance songs and any other special requests you might have.

Yes! You may provide us with as much musical direction as you are comfortable with. We always want to know the specific songs that mean a lot to you, your friends and your families. In the same respect, you could give us no music direction and we are confident enough to still rock your party. We also request a DO NOT play list as well, which is equally as important to us.

We generally accept music requests from guests in the case that the request falls within the genres of music being played that day, unless the couple requests that we do not.

No, we do not play music to any club/bar by choice. An entertainment club/bar has it’s own music style and addresses to a specific audience. We focus and specialize in Weddings Entertainment and we need to please a wider range of audience combining different genres of music and skills.

Of course you can, however you should have in mind that you might not listen to a representative sample of music that we can play. If for example the couple doing the marriage has asked the Dj to play 2-3 hours of only club and popular music, it does not mean that we are doing the same program to other weddings. To be sure for the quality and flexibility of us, we provide you with a large number of Music Demos in several genres to know in advance how good the music at your wedding will be.

We value the effort that goes into every wedding and understand that it’s our job to compliment the day with exceptional entertainment. We genuinely care about each couple and the success of their wedding. That’s why we put in the tireless hours of preparation before each wedding to ensure the couple’s expectations are met and exceeded. We accept your trust and return that trust with performances that last a lifetime. Ideally, we want your wedding to be the best wedding you’ve ever attended, no matter the size or budget. Our commitment to you extends from the first call to the lsat dance and beyond.

No, your wedding reception will never be an opportunity for direct advertising in any way. Besides we are absolutely convinced that our work “advertises itself” which exempts us from the need to place even a small sticker on our laptop’s lid.

Every event we play is unique so we create packages to reflect the unique needs of each function. Price varies based on a few important factors. The factors that dictate price are the dates, how long you want us to perform, the location, transport costs and equipment that you need. Simply Contact Us to discuss your needs, then we will put together a custom package to fit your exact needs.

For your convenience, you should book our Wedding DJ services as much as a year ahead of time. It all depends on the dates. Typically our busiest season for weddings is May – October.

You can e-mail us at or call us at +357 700 700 11 to schedule an appointment.

Unless otherwise specified, a deposit payment of 30% is required in advance. It could be cash or bank transfer or cheque, followed by cash on the night (with the rest of the 70%).

We usually arrive for the setup two to three hours prior to the scheduled start time of your event unless other arrangements have been made. It usually takes about one hour to set up depending on how easy the access is to the venue and what size set up is used. This allows us to set up and do the necessary sound checks before guests arrive.

Great Question! We use the best DJ equipment on the market today. From Pioneer Dj controller and mixer, DB Technologies & RCF Self-Powered speakers, ADJ Lights and Shure Microphones. We have sound systems that are suitable for virtually all size audiences. Additionally, in the unlikely case of an equipment failure, we always have back-up equipment, on-site, at every event. To see photos of our set-ups, you may view our Photo Gallery

We can provide you from simple lighting systems like Sound Active LED fixtures and strobes to more advance systems like Dance floor Moving heads and scanners.

The Dance floor Moving Lighting application is the kind of lighting responsible for giving energy and vibe on the dance floor of your wedding reception and the overall area of the venue. It is achieved by robotic state-of-the-art lighting fixtures which after specific computerized programming and design “wash” the area of the dance floor projecting various designs, gobos, shapes and other rotating combinations in accordance to the style of each occasion (dinner, 1st dance, party time) and the speed of the music.

We also offer room uplighting services. We can provide up to 20 LED fixtures which have an unlimited number of color options. For more information please visit our Lighting services page

Yes, we can provide music for your Wedding Ceremony. Please make sure to let us know that you will also need us for the Wedding Ceremony. We can play all your wedding music like as well as provide wireless microphones to be used by you and your officiant so your guests do not miss a single moment.We offer a second sound system for your wedding ceremony which allows us to transition quickly from the ceremony to the reception.

For more information on how to make your reception unique and legendary, contact us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.